Our Mission

Improving lives for the betterment and advancement of our community is at the heart of our service. We place the satisfaction and happiness of our tenants at the centre of everything we do.

Our Values

Our mission is achieved through embedding our core values. In order to reach a true understanding, however, we think deeply about the meaning of each value, its application in and implications for our work and in our society. To bring this to life we use what we call the SPARC model: Study (a commitment to continuous professional development driven by a thirst for knowledge), Planning (plan for the next stage whilst learning from the past), Action (application and implementation), Reflection(a reflective practice of what works and what could have worked better), and Consultation (a distinct method of non-adversarial decision-making to build consensus).

Striving for Excellence in every sense is important to the growth of our vision. Through collaboration and consultation with our team members, residents and stakeholders, we continuously strive to improve ourselves through continuous professional and personal development, improve our service offerings and raise quality. Adhering to best practice and high standards in our work ethic is always our aim. Striving for perfection comes from inside. In is the engine that drive us. Being always eager to learn, eager to understand and eager to improve whilst choosing cooperation over competition. This is striving for excellence. Many people think we develop excellence by competing with others, when, in fact, we achieve much more through cooperation. When we compete, someone is bound to lose; when we cooperate, everyone wins. In competition, some people end up being discouraged; in cooperation, everyone is encouraged by achieving a common goal. As a result, we are able to offer better levels of support, accommodation and access to opportunities. We are always ready to listen and adopt an open-minded policy towards change and improvement. We involve residents in the shape and design of our service; suggestions and ideas, no matter how small, are always welcome!


Positive Orientation. We understand the importance of establishing a positive, enthusiastic and energetic environment in which to live and work. We know that positivity and optimism can make a huge difference in a world where so many people sometimes fail to see how lucky they are to have the fundamental things, like good health and opportunities to improve their lives. As an organisation, we strive to embody an alternative perspective of wanting nothing more than to provide better workings conditions, care, and empowerment for each other and for our residents. A positive attitude is infectious and inspiring. We appreciate people and their contributions; we look for the good in people and situations; we appreciate hard work and a job well done; we engage and invest in positive relationships, and avoid being negative when life doesn’t go our way as this can be so toxic to those around us. We are realistic, however, and do understand that sometimes in life we are thrown upsets and challenges, many of which may seem too hard to overcome. Yet, we continue to provide that crucial support, comfort and reassurance that others need, in order to see that life is often what you make of it. With continual, positive reinforcement from our team, empathy, guidance, acts of kindness and mutual support, we will walk through those challenges to help each other to find the path to a better, more successful, enjoyable life. We will help each other to overcome that which may seem impossible, and we hope that in turn, they too will be able to pay this forward to better the lives of others.

Consultative Approach as a distinct method of non-adversarial decision-making to build consensus for the best course of action to benefit the Company rather than individuals or departments. A process of decision making between all parties means that everyone becomes a genuine partner of the organisation. The consultative approach empowers everyone to contribute positively towards Apax’s advancement, balancing the happiness of all those involved with a successful, responsive organisation. It also enables challenges to be resolved quickly, efficiently and with mutual respect, preserving relationships and nurturing positive future interactions.

Customer-centric Approach places our customers at the centre of thinking and operations whereby they collaborate and contribute in how we do things. We have a real passion for exceptional customer service. We consider every stakeholder as a customer and thus, are motivated by improving services and stakeholder satisfaction by embedding a customer orientation approach into our organisation’s decision-making and culture to achieve successful and sustainable development. In one particular term, it is about a commitment by our team members to continuously learn about our residents’ health, condition and needs as well as keeping up to date with knowledge within the health and social care sector in order to respond with informed intelligence. We are only too aware, therefore, that we provide a significant turning point in our residents’ lives and it is subsequently essential that the impact we have is nothing other than positive and truly life-changing.

Equality is a universally recognised principle in an ever increasingly globalised multicultural world. We want to play our part in creating a fairer society where every individual is fairly treated irrespective of their background, culture or beliefs and thus has fair access to opportunities to reach their potential. We embed a culture where every stakeholder has a sense of worth, is genuinely listen to, and in turn, listens to and values others. We appreciate the value of differences in our diverse communities and look to discover what connects us, rather than what divides us.

Optimising Productivity and Efficiency is essential to ensuring we achieve the highest level of output with minimised inefficiencies . This demands a systematic approach that needs to be applied to all aspects of our work, from technology to mindset to culture. Life is precious and short; far too much time and money can be unnecessarily wasted due to outdated business processes and technologies. By applying a methodical optimisation approach to all areas of our work we can reduce waste, duplication and inefficiencies. This then simplifies workflows, streamlines and speeds up business processes and response times, thereby increasing efficiency and optimising productivity. This is a recipe for success which will not only meet our business needs and aid future growth, but also give our team members greater job satisfaction and deliver a better service to our residents and stakeholders.